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Tej I love You story: Tej, a teen who’s incredibly attached to his circle of relatives, is banished from his home through his uncle (Peddananna). He then unearths himself in London, in which he falls in love with Nandini.

After the lengthy pursuit, he manages to win over her coronary heart, but earlier than she should even inform him, a sad incident places a complete forestall to their love story.

Tej I like You evaluate: logic frequently goes for a toss at the same time as making films in the mainstream cinema. by now, the target audience has been programmed to observe movies and judge them merely on the enjoyment it gives, and not assume common sense or even simply not the unusual experience.

but take the leisure cost faraway from a movie which lacks not unusual experience and it might appear simple silly — that’s precisely how A Karunakaran’s Tej I love You comes across. A film that is as a minimum 10 years past its expiry date, Tej I really like You is drab and mediocre.

Taj I love you movie pictureOne-sided love stories are not new to Tollywood. in this instance, Tej ( Sai Dharam Tej), falls for Nandini (Anupama Parameswaran), a carefree yet mischievous woman who makes lifestyles depressing for him. Nandini first convinces Tej that she’s blind, and when he realizes that it is all a ruse, she convinces him that she’s the daughter of the police commissioner.

Tej also looks after animals and gives an oil massage to an old guy at Nandini’s behest. All that is made with a try to invoke laughter, but comes throughout as repulsive. There are other underlying tales, which spread in an as an alternative predictable manner. at the age of 10, Tej rescues a woman from two men with the aid of killing them with a rock.

The woman flees to London leaving the little boy preventing towards the men who attempted to rape her. He miraculously takes on men who’re two times his size and kills them and is then dispatched to jail for it. The woman, who goes to London, has a death wish to help this boy who had saved her existence.

there may be family drama too. Our hero, as is so frequently the case in Telugu movies, is the apple of the eye for the entire family but is banished from his house due to a misunderstanding that causes a rift in their complete own family.

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The writing is simply lazy. It seems like they have taken three to four antique scripts and poorly rehashed them to make Tej i love You. there is 0 attempt made to preserve the visitors involved or provide something new.

For all of the promotions approximately Sai Dharam Tej playing the guitar inside the movie — the song wherein he continues playing the guitar as this member of a fictional band is an absolute farce. The manner the sequences unfold — in particular reputedly lifestyles-converting occasions, are shown in an amateurish manner.

It makes it tough for the target audience to root for Sai Dharam Tej, who appears stressed all through the movie. Anupama appears radiant however is unconvincing at instances. The only saving grace on this movie is Gopi Sundar’s track, which maintains you really fascinated, although the timing of the songs is predictably horrible.

add a village fight scene, a weepy kutumbam scene, and an airport climax — and you get the photo. Director Karunakaran made a touch in Tollywood as a love tale writer-filmmaker with Tholi Prema. twenty years later, but, he still appears to be caught with a ‘system’ of cinema that worked inside the Nineties. In 2018, all you get is a lifeless love story. As a target market, you want a piece greater than that.

This movie will release in the July, 2018 in India and will be soon released for worldwide.

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