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Back in 2016, American Movie Writer & Director David Ayer made an awesome superheroes movie and named: Suicide Squad.

This Movie is totally based on DC-Comics. All the movies cast name picked from the comics.

In the Suicide Squad movie ( Part 1), A ancient creature which is destroying the globe.

All the Superheroes made a powerful team to destroy that creature.

When it to come to Advance look and more amazing movie, them This movie speak itself.

When I watch this movie in August 2017, but before I watch, I thought that This movie is totally useless or time wastes movie.


When I start the movie, I was shocked because This movie has a lot of Adventure, Action, Shooting scenes, and amazing quality animated stuff.

I can say that Suicide Squad 2016 was an Awesome Movie in the history of America.

I also watched Avatar, but I didn’t like that movie. But Suicide Squad is just Amazing.Suicide Squad 2 Official Poster I told you before, Suicide Squad is based on Comics and It is presented by Marvels.

All characters of the movies are chosen perfectly and matching with the comics book with Antiheroes.

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As you know a lot of people searching for download suicide squad 2 Harley Quinn or in Hindi/dual audio, I want to tell you that, The second part of this movie is not completed yet.

There is only Script ready for this movie now them how you are able to download this?

So be relax and wait!!

As the director of the movie Suicide Squad 2 Mr. Gavin O’Connor said that they change some characters in this upcoming movie.

Suicide Squad Full Movie CastSuicide Squad Movie Cast PictureSuicide Squad 2 movie horror scene

Suicide Squad 2 movie posterAs the above pictures, the ancient creature is taken from Suicide Squad 1 and official poster of this movie is not released yet.

The Animation of movies from the first part is just unbelievable. They work a lot on making the Suicide Squad 2016  and I gross 750 Million Dollars from worldwide.

Now In suicide squad 2 Margot Robbie is talk chance to secure the world as the other superheroes.

Maybe the official trailer of the movie Suicide squad 2 released on may 2019. but Now there is a fan-made trailer which is given below.

suicide squad 2 trailer breakdown 2018

In this trailer you will see a lot of scene from the first version of this movie and more than half is taken from other movies.

It is also possible that It is real.


I do not agree with that. So You can read little bit information of Suicide Squad 2 wiki from our website in future days.

Until you can bookmark our website and please daily visit for upcoming awesome articles.

Suicide Squad 2 Cast:

Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto are widely reported to be returning as Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and the Joker, and Joel Kinnaman has said that he expects to reprise his role as government agent Rick Flag.

Suicide Squad 2 Cast Real Picture

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